1. High-speed exposure machine with patented operating principle – internal cylinder СТР offset plate-setter Хpose 160.

Format 100/142 cm.

2. Heavy-duty five-colour offset printing machine with varnish module MAN Roland R905-6 LV model

Format 100/140 cm

3. Sheet-fed offset press КВА RA105-6+L CX FAPC FO ALV2 Six-colour printing hybrid machine with a coater with three coating circuits and a chamber doctor blade system for UV varnish, dispersion and effective varnishes

Format 70/104 cm.

4. BOBST SP 102-BMA Foil master Auto platen Hot Foil Stamper

Format 101/68 cm.

5. BOBST SP Evoline 102 E Auto platen press Die Cutter

Format 72/104 cm.

6. BOBST SP 102 E II Die Cutter

Format 72/104 cm.

7. BOBST SP 142 ER Die Cutter

Format 142/102 cm.

8. BOBST Media 100 III A-2 Universal Folder-Gluer – with a 6-point gluing module

9. Jagenberg Diana 75 Folder-Gluer

10. Mistral 110 A-2 CS Universal Folder-Gluer – with a 6-point gluing module

11. Mistral 110 A-2 Universal Folder-Gluer

12. Billhofer dedicated Thermal Laminator

Format 102/120 cm.

13. Autobond Mini 76x105 TH Laminator for hot lamination

Format: 76/105см

14. Cold Laminator

Sheet format 100/140 cm.

15. Paper Cutters: POLAR 115 EMS и SHNEIDER SENATOR – Guillotine

16. ZÜND G3 L-1200 Plotter

Sheet format 120/180 cm.


Printing width 250 mm
Roll diameter 600 mm