Company profile


The company was established in 1990 and is highly specialized in the field of polygraphy. We have a long hereditary history in the printing industry. Today, we are a modern company constantly increasing the professionalism of our employees, improving the working conditions and environment, and making every endeavour to develop our ambition for a high quality production process. All structural transformations throughout the years have been made as a result of our invariable desire to meet the needs of the market with a high competitive level of services.


Our long-time market experience and achieved results from the company activities take us among the market leaders. Our work covers the whole range of aspects - from the initial idea up to the final realization of various types of printed products such as packages, advertising displays, labels and company identification materials.

Operating Cycle

The printing process and the related ancillary operations require extensive experience and knowledge, acquired by long years of practice and constant interest in mastering new technologies. What is specific about our work is that it is a closed process cycle – from creating the product as an idea, its design, development and preparation for prepress, going through different stages in the production and finalizing it as a final product. The entire technological equipment and auxiliary units ensure production flexibility, production on time and high output quality.

Market Share

Our experience and development strategy have determined our real market position

Our technological capacities are the main feature in our market positions

A new and modern equipment - complete production lines, one of which with a standard technological dimension, and another with a XXL size with a large production capacity and technical capabilities. Advanced high-tech communication services at the work places. We work with all types of output printing materials - papers, cardboards, metallized cardboards and papers, PVC materials, laminated corrugated cardboards, corrugated cardboards with different thickness.

The range of offered products is the factor for maintaining and expanding our equity participation on the free market

We offer a wide and diverse range of different types of packaging, information and identification products - labels, packages from cardboard and corrugated cardboard, transportation packages, advertising displays from laminated corrugated cardboard, brochures, flyers, posters, catalogues and other advertising materials.

Our strategic development towards production capacity and business opportunities is the condition for our stability in the competitive market environment

Our equipment and the good practice of the implemented system of quality management enable us to execute orders with high quality and different volumes – small and medium printings as well as large production orders, which guarantees maximum exploitation of the production capacities, excellent planning organization, efficiency of the production schedule, and the biggest advantage – production on time. And that is mostly satisfying for our contractors in terms of their ability to accurately plan their activities.

What is distinctive in our work is our specialized activity

Production of commercial packages from laminated corrugated cardboard for home products and appliances with large dimensions; entirely developed and established production of an interesting and increasingly entering into our market product – advertising displays for product presentation, aiming a better and recognizable presentation of our clients’ goods on the consumer market. Highquality print on metallized cardboards and PVC, special effective UV varnishes, applied directly through the printing machine.

The business line for elaborating prices, clients and markets is significant and defining the market share of a company

We are a preferred and very flexible partner on the consumer goods market. We work with companies with different economic status - small, medium and large companies, due to our technological and production capacities for orders with different printings. Our clients are almost all producers in the fields of food, confectionery, cosmetics and perfume industry, alcohol and soft drinks, household chemistry, household appliances, toys, etc. We have contracts with large and established on the consumer market companies, with which we have long-term partnerships. We have a well-developed marketing policy and a flexible and dynamic management. As a result, we have earned a place among the leaders in the polygraphic business – we work with more than 120 market- represented clients from all companies in Bulgaria. Our longstanding ambitions to expand our market focus by presenting our company on the international market for products from paper, cardboard, laminated corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard enabled our company to be widely represented on the foreign markets and since 2010 we have already established clients from France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, in addition to the domestic market.


The company established a new production industrial unit, equipped with specialized machines for production of luxurious and high quality rigid packages from solid board. The UV offset print, that is with high quality on laminated and metallized paper, combined with special effective UV varnishes, which are applied directly from the print machine on luxurious papers give us the possibility to produce a wide variety of high quality and luxurious rigid packages from solid board. The solid board is pasted with laminated and metallized luxurious paper, which is additionally decorated with effective complete or partial UV varnish. In addition there is also an opportunity for embossing and applying a hot stamp on packages.

Certificates of Quality and Control

The basis of our success lies on our principles - determination, diligence, hard work and a strong desire to create quality polygraphic products. We are also open to the ecological productions, which are the future strategy for preservation of the natural balance, as we approach this global problem with much understanding and commitment.

Our company has been certified with the following standards for quality and ecological production:

Creative Team

Our human resource is a combination of energetic people with creative minds who work hard for the realization of quality polygraphic solutions.

We rely on the efficient communication with our clients in order to develop together their brands and products in the best way and in compliance with the continuous change of requirements of the final customer. Our creative team consists of a specialized studio for graphic design, engineering and prepress department, which is capable of making real even the most amazing ideas.

The production department offers conventional and UV offset six-colour print and all ancillary activities such as hot stamping, embossing, varnishing, foil lamination, die cutting, cardboard lamination, folding-gluing.

Package Construction

The good construction of the commercial package is one of the most important factors in achieving market success. The experienced specialists in our engineering department will construct for you the package construction you need - optimally comfortable to the appropriate formats of the material and the requirements for design, functionality and marketing.

Graphic Design

We help our clients to find their own vision of a good design, to position and develop appropriately their brands and products, according to the continuous change in the behaviour of the final customer.

Photo Studio

The quality fine art photography is important in the development of projects for the design and the design solutions for packages and promotional products.

We have our own photo studio where our design team has all the possibilities to recreate the creative solutions, sought for the polygraphic products.

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Prepress - Computer-to-Plate

The process of preparation for print is carried out in our prepress department. There, the files of an approved project for graphic design are processed to achieve an accurate colour and maximum image quality. Our experts prepare the montages for exposure according to the form of the printed sheet and the specific requirements of the offset print. The prepress department also offers the latest technology - Computer-to-Plate (CTP). The Computer-to-Plate (CTP) system is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes. In this technology, an image created in a Desktop Publishing (DTP) application is output directly to a printing plate. By using this modern method of operation the loss of information from the process of exposure on a film is avoided, the production time is drastically reduced and at the same time the precision and quality control of colours and technique of print are increased. After successful completion of the prepress preparation, the material is ready for the offset or special print.