Advertising Displays

The rich diversity of products leads to a demand for newer and newer unconventional and interesting ways for advertising and product presentation on the consumer market. The advertising displays from corrugated cardboard displace the standard metal structures as these conceptually new products combine several advantages such as attractiveness, easy to assemble, lightweight construction, interesting and affecting spatial resolutions of the interior can be achieved with them, convenient for transportation, and last but not least their low cost. Thanks to our highly qualified team of designers and our high production capacity, we can develop and produce especially for you advertising displays in compliance with your products and requirements for their presentation and marketing.

advertising displays for cash desk zones

Desktop displays - displays for smaller number of products, intended to be placed on windows, tables, cash desk zones, etc.

floor displays

Module displays - comfortable for every occasion, with possibility of combining different number of modules, a flexible solution for any store and any spatial opportunities. Displays for heavy products - we can offer you constructions which are different from the standard ones with access to each row, as well as constructions where the product carries each subsequent upper row. Displays according to the number of sides for access of the customer – we offer one-sided, two-sided, threesided and four-sided access of the clients to the products on the display.


Commercial packages for the light industry - constructions from cardboard or corrugated cardboard. They are the best way for presentation on the market of food, beverages, cosmetics, perfumery, household chemistry, all household products and appliances.

Food industry

Perfumery and cosmetics

High-quality consumer goods

High quality rigid packages

Cigarettes and alcohol

Household chemistry

Large and transport packages

Packaging for children's games and toys

Hand pack packages

designed for one or more products, which can be combined with other promotional accessories. They offer an attractive vision and at the same time are comfortable to carry.

Advertising bags


Labels for alcohol and soft drinks, food products, cosmetics, etc. We offer production of paper labels, adhesive paper, polymer foils PVC /polythene/ and OPP /polypropylene/ and metallized foils. The implemented technological equipment enables us to produce labels on both sheets and rolls.

Advertising Materials

Folders and catalogues

Folders and catalogues with different shapes, sizes, colours and pockets with attractive design - consistent with the style and ideas of the client.


Advertising and marketing information products - creating a company style and corporate identity with the auxiliary elements of advertising and marketing. Posters and calendars with sizes up to 100/140 cm. Billboards with a width size of 500 cm.


Flyers, brochures, and other advertising materials.

Company Letterheads

Folders and catalogues with different shapes, sizes, colours and pockets with an attractive design - consistent with the style and ideas of the client.

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